Film Analysis: Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

Film Title: Death Race: Beyond Anarchy
Year: 2018
Director: Don Michael Paul
Country: United States
Genre: Science Fiction Action Film

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As you view films, consider how the cuts, camera angles, shots, and movement work to create particular meanings. Think about how they establish space, privilege certain characters, suggest relationships, and emphasize themes. In addition to shot distances, angles, editing, and camera movement, note details of the narrative, setting, characters, lighting, props, costume, tone, and sound.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who is the protagonist?Conner Gibson
2. Who is the antagonist?Franck
3. What is the conflict?
4. What is the theme or central, unifying concept? (summarize in one or two words)anancy death
5. How is the story told (linear, with flashbacks, flash-forwards, at regular intervals)regular intervals
6. What “happens” in the plot (Brief description)?Conner gets dropped off in sprawl. meets some people wins fight to the death gets women races in the death race turns out to be cop. there are 2 cops. second cop kills Franck. Conner becomes Franck
7. How does the film influence particular reactions on the part of viewers (sound, editing,
characterization, camera movement, etc.)?Why does the film encourage such
There is a lot of yelling for each other to kill. most females are half-naked and fully naked. The males are wearing clothes like in mad max. The camera moves around in a way to show/hide may things and to follow the drivers.
8. Is the setting realistic or stylized?What atmosphere does the setting suggest?Do particular objects or settings serve symbolic functions?based on the current time. The setting is a walled-in town about 185 square miles that are full anarchy are they send the worst of the worst prisoners.
9. How are the characters costumed and made-up?What does their clothing or makeup reveal about their social standing, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or age?How do
costume and makeup convey character?
Everyone wears similar clothes. Post-nuclear war motorhead style of clothes. The only person to wear any other kinds of clothes is Franck with his mask.
10. How does the lighting design shape our perception of character, space, or mood?it makes it look dirty.
11. How do camera angles and camera movements shape our view of characters or spaces?What do you see cinematically?The camera angles show off there driving and there relationships
12. What is the music’s purpose in the film?How does it direct our attention within the
image?How does it shape our interpretation of the image?What stands out about the music?
The music shows that they are hardcore stuffs about to get dicey
13. How might industrial, social, and economic factors have influenced the film?Describe how this film influences or connects to a culture?I don’t know how it does
14. Give an example of what a film critic had to say about this filmUse credible sources and cite sourcesExample: “The Shawshank Redemption Movie Review (1994) | Roger Ebert.” All
Content. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 June 2015.
“Since when did it come more bout dumb bimbos running round naked and touching themselves up than the death race itself? It’s a pity they ruined it with all the pointless bimbos coz there was some decent actors in it it could have been a lot better.” 2/4/2018 by debspower on IMDb
15. Select one scene no longer than 5 minutes that represents well the whole film and shows relevant cinematic elements.Write a one-sentence description of the scene and record the time of the scene. Example, from 1:05:00 to 1:10:00.Explain why you chose this scene.Everyone finds out that the mc is a cop and doesn’t like him then they go through all the racers. 1:11:00 to 1:16:00. I chose this scene because it shows off the death race and the nudity and cars. The only thing it doesn’t show is the killing.
16. In the selected scene: write a sentence for each of the elements below to justify why this scene best represents the film:
a. Screenwriting: The way shows the way the fight and move on to each of the drivers
b. Sound Design: The audio is good
c. Camera Movements/Angles: The camera keeps moving except for when and for the racers it would jump to each racer
d. Light Setup: The lighting is like most of the other lighting mostly natural sunlight
e. Soundtrack/Score:The music.
18. What’s the socio-cultural context of this film?They are mostly crazy people that want death. In the movie it is said around 19k die and 20k come in each year.

This worksheet was developed with ideas from many IB Film teachers, thus should remain in the Creative Commons

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